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Phojo, or Photojournalism, is a creative arts and technology study program for at-risk, ambitious, and engaged high school students with the goal of preparing teenagers to pursue successful paths in life, career, and college. It is an opportunity to do irreplaceable work in unique situations alongside great people.


This type of program combines elements of technology, design, and the arts, which explores different ways of thinking and problem-solving. It encourages creativity and innovation, which are key skills for leaders in any field. Our team collaborates with a diverse group of people and disciplines which helps develop communicative fluency and interpersonal skills. This multifaceted creative technology and arts program prepares students to be adaptable and well-rounded leaders who can think critically, create new ideas and work effectively with a wide range of people.

Our course of study includes the basics of photography, videography, podcasting, broadcasting, storytelling, and editing.

22-23: Abby, Ashley, Broseth, Gaby, Janeth, Jymiere, Kalise, Kaylei, Kimberlyn, Lily, Mackency, Mark, Meredith, Mia, Nashaly, Ngo, Owen, Pranaya, Preh, Riley, Uniquee, Virginia, Alisson, Astrid, Briana, Cece, Calvin, Citlali, Courtney, Eli, Emily, Keren, Bella, Leyla, Fernanda, Niemah, Noah, Pedro, Stephen, Tiffany, Valeria
21-22: Shemariah, Ezra, Kumani, Shya, Alexis, Daisy, Ne'Auja, Garnet, Axel, Verdowza, Ian, Maria, Madison, Levi, Gabriel, Soany, Christhian, Noah, Justin
20-21: Mirabel, Cassidy, Maeli, Eric, Stephanie, Hope, Jacob, Michelle, Courtney, Rae, Montaeya
Teacher: Pete Johnson


Memoirs of a North Carolina high school  photojournalism classroom startup.

East Meck Class of 1972

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East Meck High School
Charlotte, NC
Studio M281
Classroom M282
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